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Zeolite Catalysts

Zeolites are white solids that are hydrated aluminosilicates made from interlinked tetrahedra of alumina (AlO4) and silica (SiO4). They are built from Al , O and Si with alkali or alkaline-earth metals (such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium) plus water molecules trapped between them. Zeolites don’t dissolve in water or other inorganic solvents, and don’t oxidize in the air.

They can gain or lose water molecules very easily which is called reversible dehydration. Zeolites have regular openings in them of fixed size, which let small molecules pass straight through but trap larger ones; that’s why they’re sometimes referred to as molecular sieves. Unlike natural zeolites, which occur in random forms and mixed sizes, synthetic zeolites are manufactured in very precise and uniform sizes (typically from about 1μm to 1mm) to suit a particular application. Although all zeolites are aluminosilicates, some contain more alumina, while others contain more silica. Alumina-rich zeolites are attracted to polar molecules such as water, while silica-rich zeolites work better with nonpolar molecules.Catalyst manufactured for use in converting carbon tetra chloride into hydrochloric acid. H-Modernite Extrudate.

Use cases & Benefits

  • Catalyst manufactured for use in converting carbon tetra chloride into hydrochloric acid.
  • Zeolites are very stable solids.
  • Zeolites have high melting points (over 1,000°C).

Zeolite Catalysts

There are over 240 unique forms of zeolites, the most common types being: Clinoptilolite, Analcime, Chabazite, Mordenite, Natrolite and Stilbite.  The most common type is called clinoptilolite. Studies suggest that clinoptilolite can boost and regulate the immune system. By detoxifying the body from heavy metals, and decreasing intestinal permeability, zeolite reduces the burden on the immune system. 

Zeolites have been shown to trap histamines associated with inflammation, reducing the inflammatory response by over 50%. Zeolites can help reduce the toxic burden on the liver, as well as boost its ability to filter out toxins. The ability for zeolites to detoxify the human body is probably the most studied and scientifically supported benefit. With its negatively charged porous structure, zeolites attract and bind to positively-charged toxins. You can picture zeolites as magnets for toxins, which then get eliminated.

Zeolites are used in a wide range of industries, mainly for their ability to safely and effectively deodorize and purify an environment. Their ability to support your body’s detoxification pathways can lead to some major benefits. Zeolites don’t dissolve in water or other inorganic solvents. They have regular openings of fixed size and thus are sometimes referred to as molecular sieves.

Use cases & Benefits

  • Catalyst manufactured for use in converting carbon tetra chloride into hydrochloric acid.
  • Natural zeolite has a wide range of health benefits, including detoxification, intestine health support, boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, liver support, and helps stop abnormal cellular growth.
  • By increasing the T-cell activity as well as the macrophages in the body, clinoptilolite increases the body’s immunity. 

Specification Table

Form3.2 cylinders
Mordinite Powder
(SiO2/Al2O2 ratio 16.5 to 22.5)
Alumina Binder20%+/-2.5
Diameter, mm2.9 to 3.3
Average Length, mm4-10
Surface Area m^2/g350 minimum

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